Dental Surgery Dr Henri Diederich

Specialties in implantology

Doctor Diederich is a well experienced implantologist for over the last 20 years.

He is doing three different types of implantology:

  1. the classical one by two steps surgeries
  2. the minimal invasive technique, Flapless, which means implants may be inserted through the gingiva without opening the gum, without stitches, nearly painless. These implants may be loaded immediately and the patient gets his definitive fixed teeth after two weeks in general. Temporary fixed teeth are delivered after the surgery the same day. This is a minimal invasive treatment option which is well adapted to the elderly people but may be for all type of ages depending of the case.
  3. Basal implantology which means putting implants in an atrophied bone and this without bone grafting and without sinuslift. Special implants are used, it is the Cortically Fixed at Once approach. Also here the patient gets his fixed definitive teeth after two weeks in general, temporary teeth are delivered immediately after the surgery.
    These cases in the two stage implantology may take two years, here two weeks.

Dr Diederich has mutilpe publications to this topic, he gives trainings for all doctors around the world in this specific technique; please visit

He is also an international speaker.

Beside implantology we are offering also treatments in esthetics (Veneers and ceramic crowns). We are covering the whole dentistry including surgeries of wisdom teeth.