Dental Surgery Dr Henri Diederich

Dr Henri Diederich - Dentist, Dental Implantology
Henri Diederich médecin dentiste
  • Scientific Studies Certificate, University of Luxembourg 1979
  • Degree in Dentistry, the Brussels Free University (ULB)

Additional Certifications

  • D.U. (University Diploma) in Legal Dentistry (expertise, personal injury, identifications), University of Montpellier I, 2009
    Thesis: L’implantologie crestale et basale dans le cadre du consentement éclairé (Informed consent in crestal and basal implantology)
  • D.U.E.D.C.O. (University Diploma in Personal Injury Assessment in odontology) University of Montpellier I, 2010
    Thesis: The cranio-mandibular dysfunction and orofacial pain


  • Run own Dental Clinic in Luxembourg City since 1985
  • Practice clinical crestal implantology since 1998
  • Practice clinical basal implantology since 2001
  • Treatment of cranio-mandibular dysfunctions


  • Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie (DGOI)
  • Member of the British Association for forensic odontology (BAFO)
  • Member of the European Association of Dental Implantologists(BDIZ EDI)
  • Member of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists)


  • President and Founder Member of the Implantoral Club Luxembourg
  • Chief Editor of
  • Certified Expert in Dentistry, Implantology and Odontology in Luxembourg Courts
  • Chairman of the International Oral Implantology Congress in Luxembourg since April 2010


  • First International Congress Mauritius-Luxembourg, Mauritius 2010
    • Paper 1: No more sinus lift
    • Paper 2: Mandibular craniofacial pain
  • European Congress of Cortical Osseo-integration, Kiev 2011
    • Paper 1: Treatment of the atrophic distal maxillae
    • Paper 2: Treatment of the atrophic jaws
  • The Implantoral Club Luxembourg, Luxembourg, March 2012
    • Paper: Treatment of the maxillary atrophy
  • 6th East European Congress of Dental Implantology LVIV Ukraine 4-6 april 2013
    • Paper: Relevance and Implementation of tuberopterygoid region in Implantolgy Case reports
  • Georgian Stomatological Association 9th International Congress of GSA Batumi 19-20th July 2013
    • Paper: Suitability and Implementation of Basal Implantology in the atrophic bone
  • South East Asia Symposium 2nd- 4th August 2013 Cochin, Kerala, India
    • Paper: Suitability and Implementation of Basal Implantology in the atrophic bone
  • Lecturing at the State University of Tbilissi ,Georgia, 12th October 2013
    • Paper :Suitability and implementation of Cortical Implantology in the atrophied bone
  • Key-note speaker at Tcheque Republic Implantology Congress in Boretice, 07th December 2013
    • Paper: Immediate loading and minimal invasive implantology
  • Lecturing in Kayseri-Turkey, 01th February 2014
    •  How to treat the atrophied bone without bone grafting?


  • Immediate loading of Implants in the Maxillae by a Full Arch Restoration Implant Directions Nr. 1 Vol. 3 March 2008
  • Sofortbelastung bei Totalrehabilitation im Ober-und Unterkiefer bei Vorliegen einer ausgeprägten Atrophie Implant Directions Vol. 6 Nr. 4 December 2011
  • Diederich H., Vares Y. Immediate loading following complete rehabilitation of severely atrophied maxilla and mandible. Implantologia.Parodontologia.Osteologia(Ukraine) 2013,2 (30)34-35
  • Diederich H., Vares Y. Charge immediate et chirurgie implantaire à minima Revue d’Implantologie 11.2013